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Veronica Dale

General Assembly
Teaching Assistant
Greater Boston Area
Hello! I am a UX/UI Designer. I believe in providing a quality experience at every touchpoint of a user's journey and aim to incorporate a balance of form, function, and enjoyment in my designs. I am also passionate about holistic interactive experiences and improving user interactions in unique and thoughtful ways.

Right now I am the TA for the current UXDI course at General Assembly, but am actively looking for a full-time position as an Experience Designer, UX/UI Designer, or Service Designer.

I have more hobbies than I know what to do with, love to travel (I used to be a flight attendant), and I have a black lab named Archer...yes, after the TV show. If you see me at a session please feel free to introduce yourself. Looking forward to meeting you!
Thursday, May 10

8:30am EDT

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