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Tammy Coutts

Lead Software Designer User Experience/Usability

Tammy Coutts is a user experience professional who designs electronic health record (EHR) products at MEDITECH. Over her 30 year tenure at MEDITECH, she has seen shifts in the healthcare and EHR industry. The importance of usability, accessibility, and user research play a larger role in improving patient care and delivering efficient products for users.

Tammy holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Rhode Island, a user experience certificate from Bentley University and is a certified Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) facilitator from the Hailey group. She also serves as the vice chair of the Electronic Health Record Association (EHRA) User Experience workgroup. 

Tammy’s passion lies in design and empathizing with users. She actively promotes accessibility, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that digital products are inclusive and accessible to all individuals. Additionally, Tammy is an avid soccer fan!

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