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Mahima Pushkarna

Google AI
UX Designer
Cambridge, MA
Mahima is a UX Designer on the Big Picture Data Visualization Group at Google AI, which specializes in information visualization to make complex data accessible, useful, and even fun.

She tends to wear many hats – UI/UX, visual design, strategy and design research - to create better human-ai partnerships, such as helping doctors diagnose cancer using AI. The products and processes that she has designed, such as the What-If Tool and Facets, have been widely used to advance better practices in machine learning by companies like Google, Disney and GoPro, as well as in academia by MIT. As a part of Google's People + AI Research Initiative, she studies the impact of AI on design.

Prior to Google, Mahima worked as a product designer at Innovation by Design, a global think-tank, MIT's Design Lab, and designed self-evolving visualization tools at Ion Interactive, a SaSS platform for content marketers.

She holds an Masters of Fine Arts in Information Design & Data Visualization from Northeastern University, where she occasionally teaches. She studied design as an undergraduate at Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology (Bangalore, India) and at University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI).

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