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Thursday, May 10


Elevate your UX Team to Superhero Status by Forging a Guild
Is your UX team and Injustice League or a Band of Heroes?

Learn how to pull off monumental UX deeds without adding headcount. In a busy Agile development environment, your UX team can found a Guild of UX Champions to:
- Scale UX
- Delegate appropriate design decisions
- Raise awareness for UX needs
- Create developer advocates throughout your organization

In our talk, you will learn how to:
• Build a guild made up of developers and QA engineers from across multiple scrum teams
• Establish buy-in and accountability at higher levels of management
• Maintain interest levels and participation within the guild
• Increase enthusiasm for UX throughout the guild and beyond

avatar for Carol Sadowsky Bergantino

Carol Sadowsky Bergantino

Manager, User Experience Design, Veracode
Carol Bergantino is a UX Manager with CA | Veracode. Carol holds a master’s in HCI from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and has spent her career working to improve the user experience for complicated enterprise software products. Carol also has a special interest in how UX works... Read More →
avatar for Jennifer Bullard

Jennifer Bullard

Principal, Yes Yes Know
I have a background in Fine Arts and graphic design, finished off with a Master's in HCI from Rensselaer Polytechnic (RPI). I have been practicing UX in the Boston area for roughly 15 years and have filled a variety of roles ranging from usability researcher to independent UX Consultant... Read More →
avatar for Taylor Hayward

Taylor Hayward

Principal User Experience Designer, Veracode | CA Technologies
In the beginning of my career, in 1993, I was designing user interfaces for client server applications. In 2000 and 2001 I studied graphic design at The Museum School, and Software Usability at Harvard Extension School. From there my techniques and skills expanded into many different... Read More →

Thursday May 10, 2018 10:15am - 11:00am


Design Sprints in the corporate world. Shorter sprints, remote testing, and other real-world adaptations.
Google’s Design Sprint framework provides tons of value for large corporations, but corporate cultures place unique constraints on the process. Learn how a fortune 100 company has shortened the duration of Design Sprints, replaced live in-person moderated testing with remote unmoderated testing, and discovered techniques to spark participation, enhance results, and reap the positive unintended consequences that help elevate UX in the organization.

avatar for Yuling An

Yuling An

Senior UX Researcher, UserTesting
avatar for Caryn Gallis

Caryn Gallis

Senior UX Designer, Prudential
avatar for Lija Hogan

Lija Hogan

Director, Strategic Research Services, UserTesting

Thursday May 10, 2018 11:15am - 12:00pm


Hope is not a method: How improving diversity in your design team makes better products and what you can do about it.
Did you know that seat-belted female drivers and children in actual crashes have a 47% higher chance of serious injuries than belted male drivers in comparable collisions?

Did you know that certain brands of automatic public bathroom soap dispensers and faucets can’t activate when approached by dark-skinned hands?

The lack of diversity and inclusion in product and service design is how things like this happen. When a homogenous group of designers and engineers is producing products and services for a vast set of diverse people, they intentionally or unintentionally immortalize their biases in the things they create. Even the most well-intentioned designers, regardless of the amount of research they actively perform, can be grossly unaware of their own blind spots. Without a diverse group of teammates around them to raise awareness, biases will perpetuate. And if those teams are designing products where safety is a factor, it can become an issue of life and death.

So how do we fix this?

In this talk I will discuss the business benefits of a diverse and inclusive design team, identify strategies to grow a more diverse team while understanding anti-discrimination laws, and share 3 things anyone can do tomorrow to move the needle. Lastly, I will discuss how you can raise awareness about this topic within your broader organization.

The ability to improve diversity in a design team falls squarely on the shoulders of the design managers with budgetary and hiring duties. However, the responsibility to promote and sustain an inclusive environment belongs to all of us.

avatar for Lisa deBettencourt

Lisa deBettencourt

Founder & CXO, Forge Harmonic, LLC
Lisa is a design executive and strategy consultant. She works with healthcare companies to discover, develop, and operationalize innovative ways to improve patient experience and outcomes amidst increasing regulatory demands, consumer expectations, and technological complexity... Read More →

Thursday May 10, 2018 1:00pm - 1:45pm


Digital whiteboarding and other techniques for remote collaboration and ideation
Do you struggle to keep your geographically dispersed user experience team aligned and in sync? Learn about a variety templates you can use with digital whiteboarding tools and remotely distributed teams to create a common vision for a target user experience and keep the team aligned over the course of a project.

We will share a variety of design thinking techniques we use including empathy maps, as-is maps and prioritization grids. We will also discuss visual templates used to plan and coordinate work such as an iteration sync up board, scrum of scrum template and user research schedule.


Kristina Beckley

Design Manager / Lead, IBM
avatar for Ethan Perry

Ethan Perry

Design Lead & Manager, IBM
Ethan Perry is a Design Lead and Manager for IBM Collaboration Solutions. He has been an IBMer since 2004. Before that Ethan was an information architect and user experience design lead at several web consulting firms and got his Master's degree in the Sociable Media Group at the... Read More →

Thursday May 10, 2018 2:00pm - 2:45pm


Research is a team sport! Implementing an interviewing workshop to raise customer empathy
Talking to customers is one of the most powerful ways to develop empathy and quickly align with users’ issues, concerns, and delights. However, interviewing is a unique skill set, one typically reserved for researchers trained to listen and synthesize qualitative data. Our UX Research Team embraced the philosophy that “research is a team sport” and developed a Customer Interview Training Program for our cross functional colleagues. We believe that when whole teams engage in research, each person is better informed and can make product decisions more quickly.

We designed our Customer Interview Training Program as a hands-on workshop to educate product managers about best practices for running and analyzing interviews. In it, we facilitate interactive activities around active listening, asking good questions, mitigating bias, and making sense of data. In this talk, we outline the workshop’s curriculum, supporting materials, scaling across the
organization, and impact so far. Audience members will walk away with tips on how to adapt our program to their organization.

avatar for Hilary Dwyer

Hilary Dwyer

Senior UX Researcher, LogMeIn
avatar for Elizabeth Quigley

Elizabeth Quigley

Sr. UX Researcher, LogMeIn

Thursday May 10, 2018 2:00pm - 2:45pm
Back Bay C/D


Introduce Accessibility to your Organization by Inspiring Behavioral Changes
Bringing accessibility into an organization requires systematic shifts in thinking and behaviors. Evangelizing for this change requires empirical evidence and a proven model. Many times it is introduced through an individual or small group somewhere in the dev-lifecycle. How can you use a proven behavior model and a solid understanding of Accessibility to influence this change?

avatar for Mark Miller

Mark Miller

Director, Accounts & Marketing, Interactive Accessibility
I work with Interactive Accessibility’s clients to help them understand how to bring accessibility into their organization. drawing from over twenty years of experience in technology, marketing and business development and years of experience as an IT director and technical consultant... Read More →

Miller pdf

Thursday May 10, 2018 4:15pm - 5:00pm


The Fracturing of the Experience Movement
The UX discipline finds itself at a juncture where we should, at the very least, have an examination of our name, identity associated with it, and how we view our contributions to the larger design world. This presentation strives to begin this discussion and share this presenter’s experience with the design of a major UX graduate program, survey of employer’s needs, and employment opportunities – each of these presenting opportunities for growth. This talk will also consider looming threats from emerging and potentially disrupting disciplines (customer experience, patient experience, and service design) and implications for UX practitioners. Has the “User” descriptor become limiting? Does it accurately reflect the breadth of what we can and do accomplish in the world of product and service design? Might we be better served by a less restricted name such as “Experience Design” -- consider the phenomenally successful “design thinking” movement, which is applied broadly across a diverse design landscape. The fracturing of the “experience movement” is already underway; I see it every day as I interact with employers, clients and prospective students. We see evidence in the corporate world, design practices and the world’s largest business consulting groups as well as the emergence of specialized experience conferences. The threats and opportunities are real; what remains to be seen is how the UX profession responds.

avatar for Bill Gribbons

Bill Gribbons

Program Director, Bentley University
Bill is Program Director for the Bentley University Graduate UX Program. Bill also teaches Innovation in the Bentley MBA.    He founded two leading UX consulting organizations; the most recent focused on demonstrating the value of user experience research and design to early-stage... Read More →

Thursday May 10, 2018 5:15pm - 6:00pm