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Cheryl Tullis Sirois

User Experience Researcher & Free-floating Agent of Chaos
Bridgewater, Massachusetts

 ux researcher • empathy cultivator • mental juggler • question asker • user crusader •
User experience researcher and former graphic designer who created her first prototype at age 11 using primarily foam core and markers. After a stint working at Bentley University’s User Experience Center, she went on to help found the internal UX team at Fidelity Investments as Senior Usability Specialist. During her seven years spent improving the work lives of Fidelity associates through user-focused research and design, Cheryl wrote, conducted, and analyzed thousands of surveys using a myriad of formats and methods. She enjoys critiquing kerning on take-out menus, cultivating empathy between users and those who design for them, and trying to make her cat, Luna, cuddle her.
Thursday, May 10

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