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Brandon Ward

Director of UX
Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Let's talk about:

Experience and Service Design, Leadership, Speaking, Teaching, Writing, Kung Fu, religion, The Philippines, family/kids, classic cars, singing, acting, voice-over, movies, music, sci-fi / fantasy literature

In a nutshell:

Brandon’s passion for software development comes from a background in the arts combined with an interest in mobile, the web, games, audio, and video. Currently Director of UX at Precocity in Plano, TX, Brandon works with a crack-crew of top-notch designers and developers building sites and apps. A Certified PSM I, Brandon also serves as scrum master, and project manager.

Originally a performer with three Bachelor degrees in Singing, Music Theory, and Acting, Brandon now enjoys leading teams to create user-friendly solutions that help people. He holds an MS degree from Indiana University in Interactive Media Design and has developed a talent for bridging the gaps between development, design, business, and the customer.

Brandon grew up in eight states and two countries and is fluent in 3 Filipino languages. Brandon loves watching movies, restoring old cars, training Kung Fu, and hanging out with his 4 adorable kids and lovely wife.

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